As your automation partner, we help you find smart solutions for improving your production processes.

We stay on top of the latest products and technology to ensure that you are making the best choices for your company.

If you’re looking for ways to optimize your operation through the use of intelligent design and robotics, the team at Greysam wants to help.

Our Current Capabilites


Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs)

We offer a range of ROVs to help you spec the right system for your company.

Sales and Service of ROVs/AUVs/Inspection Robots/Imaging

Save time and money with the right vehicle for your underwater jobs. Whether it is to inspect, recover, repair or video; choosing the right tool can be vital to your bottom line. For service, Greysam has been certified by many of the OEMs that we represent.


ROV System Rentals

Greysam has multiple ROV & Inspection robot systems on hand for quick deployment with a team.

If you only have limited use cases for a system, or simply don't need to purchase the equipment, call us for support on your job. We can deploy a system and pilot for a daily or weekly rate. Our pilot's experience means there is no learning curve for new equipment and we can get the job done in a timely manner.

Process Control

Greysam provides full service to support the critical aspect of process control in petrochemical, power generation, defense, manufacturing, marine and other facilities with essential control requirements. These include Instrumentation (Measurement and Control); process and CEMS analyzers, calibration and verification, process automation solutions, process control systems, programmable logic controllers and cascade control of process systems and support; inspection; testing; electrical.

  • Maintenance & Turnarounds
  • Commissioning & Start-ups
  • Project Support

Industrial Robots

Greysam provides a wide range of services to support industrial robotics and add-ons such as end of arm tools, machine vision, and safety features. Our services include consultation, design, sourcing, simulation, sales, installation, and programming. Greysam will assess your manufacturing process for best robot possibilities. Greysam provides full service and training on all robots and add-on components. We can retrofit or repurpose existing robots and systems for new uses. We provide full services from concept to production