Marine Vehicles & Equipment

We partner with some of the leading manufacturers of maritime equipment, including Deep Trekker, Boxfish Research, Notilo Plus, SubC Imaging, and JW Fishers. Thus offering a wide range of ROVs, towables, sonar, imaging equipment, and accessories.



At Greysam, we offer a variety of innovative products designed to meet the specific demands of the varied industries our clients’ operate within. Whether interested in remote inspection, the team at Greysam has the products to meet the demands of your business.

Our partnerships with Ignition, Notilo+ and Samsara give us the ability to tailor a solution to you. Whether looking for remote asset monitoring, system health monitoring or cataloging your ROV missions, Greysam can help on all aspects of your project.


Remote Inspection Robots

We help you source the right remote operated vehicle for the success of your project. From underwater drones to hand-held and boat-towed vehicles, we feature quality brands like Boxfish Research, Notilo Plus, and JW Fishers to meet all of your remote drone needs.

Industrial Robots

Greysam provides a wide range of services to support industrial robotics and add-ons such as end of arm tools, machine vision, and safety features. Our services include consultation, design, sourcing, simulation, sales, installation, and programming. Greysam will assess your manufacturing process for best robot possibilities. Greysam provides full service and training on all robots and add-on components. We can retrofit or repurpose existing robots and systems for new uses. We provide full services from concept to production