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Launching the ARV-i

By Greysam | October 8, 2021

Together with our Norwegian partner Transmark Subsea we are lIn October, an entirely new class of underwater observation vehicle, the ARV-i, will be launched at Ocean Business 21. New Zealand-based Boxfish Research and Norwegian partner Transmark Subsea developed the autonomous underwater resident vehicle in a joint venture.  Read more here

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Boxfish Luna Update: 4K ProRes RAW video recording at 30 fps

By Greysam | September 29, 2021

Boxfish Research announces that their next-generation cinematography drone, the Boxfish Luna, now allows professional underwater videographers to capture full-frame 4K ProRes RAW video at 30 frames per second. This new product feature boosts the capacity of filmmakers to capture stunning underwater imagery with ease. Read more here

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Deep Trekker Expands Dealer Network with Greysam Industrial Services

By Greysam | June 21, 2021

Greysam Industrial Services will offer Deep Trekker’s complete line of submersible robotics. June 2021 – Kitchener, Ontario – Deep Trekker is proud to announce the expansion of their dealer network with Greysam Industrial Services. The addition of Greysam Industrial Services will enhance the ability of the Deep Trekker team to…

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Introducing Boxfish Luna, 8K cinematography drone

By Greysam | March 2, 2021

Auckland, New Zealand – Boxfish Research, New Zealand manufacturer of underwater remotely operated vehicles, today announces the official launch of its next-generation cinematography drone, the Boxfish Luna, for professional underwater videographers and photographers alike. Utilizing advanced imaging from the Sony A7SIII or Sony ⍺1* and a new 200mm precision optical dome, the Boxfish…

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Merry Christmas from Boxfish

By Greysam | December 28, 2020

“This small coral named after your company name is a Boxfish sustainable ocean-friendly present for your team, it will be transplanted on coral reefs in Moorea, French Polynesia that have been previously destroyed due to global warming and human activities. These reefs come back to life and biodiversity can settle…

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New partnership with Notilo Plus

By Greysam | April 8, 2014

We are proud to announce our new partnership with Notilo Plus! Their Seasam Autonomous Drone™ is a compact underwater system that allows for multiple wireless underwater operations in a compact format. In its autonomous mode, it is able to track and follow targets as well as perform autonomous tasks, such…

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