Deep Trekker Expands Dealer Network with Greysam Industrial Services

Greysam Industrial Services will offer Deep Trekker’s complete line of submersible robotics.

June 2021 – Kitchener, Ontario – Deep Trekker is proud to announce the expansion of their dealer network with Greysam Industrial Services. The addition of Greysam Industrial Services will enhance the ability of the Deep Trekker team to provide a holistic customer experience throughout the world. In partnership with their network of dealers, Deep Trekker provides fully portable, durable, and innovative underwater ROVs and submersible robots to solve a suite of environmental and industrial situations.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Greysam Industrial Services,” shared Sam Macdonald, Deep Trekker President. “We seek out partners with a complementary vision and Greysam is a wonderful partner to continue our mission of empowering users by providing solutions for every mission.” It is with the help of dealers like Greysam that users around the world, in a wide variety of industries, can be empowered through the convenience and innovation of Deep Trekker vehicles