About us

In 1992, Greysam Industrial Services started out as Western Process Control Services (WPC) with the aim to provide safe, efficient and professional solutions to industrial automation demands. To better reflect the expanded scope of services provided, the company name was changed to Greysam Industrial Services in 2009. Today, Greysam is an award winning company providing industrial automation solutions nationwide.

Our Values

We believe that providing quality service to our clients starts with providing quality care to our employees. Below are core values that are the foundation of our company:

  • Provide Stellar Service to Both Our Clients and Employees
  • Provide Safe, On-Time, and Cost Effective Solutions
  • Maintain an Exemplary Safety Record
  • Anticipate Changing Industry Needs and Adapt to Better Serve Our Clients
  • Contribute to Our Employees Pursuit of Excellence
  • Give Back to Our Community
  • Carry Our Company Values to Every Job

We believe that reaching beyond what you can see, to what you can become is as important for individuals, as it is for companies and nations. A team can accomplish more than a single individual. We strive to be a company of compassionate, forward thinking professionals working together to make positive contributions in life.

Giving Back

Greysam is proud to make community service a priority. Members of our staff belong to the following:

  • Chambers of Commerce – Anacortes, Bellingham and Burlington, WA
  • South Kitsap Rotary – Port Orchard, WA
  • Bellingham Technical Institute Board – Bellingham, WA
  • Los Medanos College – Pittsburg, CA

We also support the things that matter to our employees:


Rotary Foundation

Since 2012, Greysam has been major sponsor with the Rotary Foundation to bring fresh water to the Northern Kenyan village of Nasechabuin. Our owners have traveled to the village and have pledged to continue their participation until the village has a safe and reliable, fresh water supply.

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